The Vt. Antiques Center – Visiting The Center Of The Middlebury Area For A Historical Adventure

August 2, 2021 , antique furniture

In Middlebury, Vermont there is a Middlebury Antiques Center that houses a wide range of antique treasures. There are many interesting items here to view and to buy. You will find wonderful antique furnishings, beautiful clothing, fine pottery and delicacies and many other interesting treasures. This is one of the best places to go to in order to enjoy your vacations.

The Middlebury Antiques Center has two locations. One is located on Main Street between Hillsboro and Lyttleton. This antique shop offers unique and original decorative items for your home and you can also purchase antiques and gifts at this location. The other location is in an old house on River Street. Here you can find unique decorative and antique furnishings, plus books, periodicals, music, wine and food treasures.

There are a number of great attractions and activities that are located right in Middlebury, including the famous Middlebury Inn. Here you will find an over 100 rooms, plus all kinds of accommodations. You will be close to shopping and dining. There are several great hiking trails in Middlebury, which will allow you to see some of the countryside that is available to you. For the more adventurous traveler, the Middlebury Antiques Center has a very interesting history of the famous John Hancock House.

You will find the Middlebury antiques center in Vt. If you are traveling from Boston to Vermont, you will want to stop by the Middlebury museum. They have four different rooms that display different antiques, plus a hotel that host holiday events, as well as a library that feature local literature.

If you travel from the greater Boston area to Middlebury, you will want to check into the Vt. Bobbs Ferry farm, which is a historic farm that has been operational for over one hundred years. In addition to featuring antiques, it offers three different restaurants and two hotels. The farm is also close to the Middlebury city center, which makes it easy to get to. Another great stop on your Vt. road trip is the Po Box Depot, which is a one hundred-year-old family owned business that has been restoring, repairing, and selling po boxes all over Vt., and surrounding areas.

The Middlebury vt. museum is located between Middlebury and Burlington. While in the area, you may want to visit the Vermont Nature Trail, and the Science Learning Center where you can view the latest technology used in science. You will not only be able to see the beautiful antiques in the Vt. area, but you will be able to also learn about some of the history and culture that took place in the region during the colonial period, and even today.