Middlebury Antiques Center

April 12, 2021 , antique furniture

The Middlebury Antiques Center is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to collect and preserve Middlebury antique treasures. There are two public entrances to the center, both in front of the historic Middlebury College campus. Entry is free and closed to the public. Here you will find:

Antique Shop: This shop specializes in a host of beautiful antiques from the American Revolution through the Civil War. They carry goods from maple leaf patterns to pottery to chairs and even crystal. The featured product here is a beautiful 18th century oak coffee table with four drawers. Also available are a variety of unique antiques such as a Daguerreotype plate, a Concord music box, a beautiful early American writing pad and a unique spoon. Dr. William Spellman, Curator of the Middlebury Antiques Center, welcomes new and old visitors to the center.

Gallery: The gallery specializes in the display of antique dies and other specimen jars. It also features a fine collection of rare and antique artifacts. The emphasis of this facility is to introduce people to the beauty and significance of the objects, while preparing them for their future use. Many of the items in the gallery have not been seen outside of the museum since they were first displayed here.

Studio: The Middlebury Antiques Center has a small studio located off of Main Street, within walking distance of the college. Here one can access a world of antique furniture. Hours are usually available on the weekends. Items here may include China, cutlery, salt boxes, stemware, napkins and tobacco products.

Gift Shop: Located on Middlebury street, the gift shop specializes in unique and unusual gifts. Some of the antiques found here include crystal ball pendants, jewelry boxes, and figurines. Hours are usually available on the weekends. Other items may be found here such as paperweights, wine glasses, and desk clocks.

Site Visit: The center’s website provides information on what types of items can be found at the center. Special events, like a featured item auction, are also available. Additional information about Middlebury College may be found on its website as well. This information provides an overview of the college, with special items relating to campus life. There is even a map for viewing the location of the facility.

Contact Information: A phone number and e-mail address are provided on the Middlebury Antiques Center’s website. Individuals who have questions about the center may leave their e-mail messages with the center’s administrative staff. They will get back to them with any queries or new items that become available. People are welcome to browse the site and place an order through the website if they do not have any immediate need for the items listed.

Hours Of Operation: Hours of operation are usually Monday through Friday, except on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays. The center is located at the corner of Middlebury Street. Parking may be available in the area.