Middlebury Antiques Center

October 31, 2021 , antique furniture


The Middlebury Antiques Center is an independent non-profit organization whose motto is to gather and preserve Middlebury antique finds. The main emphasis of this facility is to present people with the beauty and importance of these objects, while also preparing them for their eventual use. Many of the antique items at this facility have never been viewed outside of the museum because they were initially displayed here in their original surroundings. These artifacts include china, silverware, crystal, porcelain, mirrors, wine bottles, watches and other such artifacts.

The goal of the Middlebury Antiques Center, as stated on their web site, is “to promote through public events an appreciation for classic and antique customs and to provide an environment that fosters curiosity and promotes appreciation.” What better place to display antique finds than a museum? This museum has twenty-one exhibits including works of art by Sargent, Delany, Rothchild, Warhol, Poster, Rubens and others. The main exhibit galleries consist of Civil War artifacts, American antique furniture, Victorian antiques, Early European furniture, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Early Southwest and Native American antiques and Post-colonial antiques. In addition to these main exhibits, the center has a number of smaller exhibits which are located throughout the museum.

The Middlebury antiques center is located in Middlebury, Vermont and is part of the Middlebury College System. This large selection of antique objects provides a wonderful venue for understanding the rich history of our nation’s past. Through this website you can view a selection of items at no cost; however, if you would like to purchase specific antique items, you are encouraged to make a formal purchase arrangement through the museum. You will also be able to make private purchases of particular antiques through written orders, telephone requests, or on-line orders.