How to Identify Antique Furniture

February 17, 2022 , antique furniture


There are many things to look for in antique furniture. Generally, the wood drawers will have nicks or cuts, and you should check for circular or straight saw marks. While they may not be readily apparent, these signs will help you identify an old piece. Also, check the pieces for symmetry, as handmade items usually do not have uniform components. While they might not show any obvious difference, a reproduction may be a replica of an antique piece.

The commode is a low chest-of-drawers that became popular during the eighteenth century. It was initially used to store a porcelain potty, but was later used in bedroom cupboards. It was also commonly used in library steps and other antique furniture. A console table is a small table with two legs that attaches to a wall or can stand on its own against a wall. A corbel is a bracket that can be seen on antique bookcases. Another style is a cornice, which is a horizontal moulding.

If you want to find the most beautiful antique furniture, you need to learn about the different styles and eras. You can begin by studying the styles of the eras in which the pieces were made. For example, in the seventeenth century, mahogany became popular in England. This type of wood was imported from British colonies in Honduras and the West Indies. It quickly replaced walnuts in both the United Kingdom and the United States. For the most part, antique wooden furniture will come from the early Colonial or traditional English periods. The American style has been heavily influenced by European and British furniture.

When purchasing antique furniture, make sure you know its period of origin. Reproductions of the same style are all too common in the marketplace today. These pieces are often made by using modern techniques of woodworking and lack the unique style of the original. Buying an antique piece that is dated should be based on its symmetry. Unlike a replica, a genuine piece should bear the marks of woodworking equipment, such as saws and hammers.

When purchasing antique furniture, remember that these pieces are created by hand. Hence, you must make sure to choose pieces that have a lot of character. Aside from being beautiful, antique furniture should be in excellent condition. There are many ways to identify the age of the antique piece. Aside from the look, the age of a piece will also tell you how well it is made. There are no fakes when it comes to furniture.

While you are looking for antique furniture for your home, it is important to remember that the value of each piece should not be underestimated. These pieces of art are the result of deliberate work. They were made for people who loved their home and cherished their personal belongings. Whether you are looking for a desk, a side table, or a sideboard, you can find a piece of history in antique furniture.